Original Genuine AP 15710 APS Factory Replicas

On the left is the original genuine AP15710 watch on the right is the APS replica, at first glance they look identical!

  APS factory using imported sapphire glass, the mirror effect is perfectly synchronized with the genuine, at the same time for the inside of the mirror, there is also a plated colorless film to increase the ability of the watch to read data.

  The pointer polish, which is also thicker when you look at it sideways, and the edge polish is very sharp, clean, and doesn’t feel like a burr.

  The LOG0 as well as the lettering ink printing is three-dimensional and thick, making it clear and easy to read. Both also have the cookie pattern as the base color, and the thickness and size APS are no different from the original. The magnification is the same as the original.

  The movement can be seen on the back of the Audemars Piguet 15710, and the back mirror is made of sapphire glass. Polished in accordance with the genuine 3120 one-piece movement, the movement timekeeping durability and stability, deck polishing, the fineness of the movement construction is clearly visible. The engraving on the movement is laser-engraved and has a hot-stamping process, and the pattern on the balance wheel is very graphic without losing the three-dimensional sense. The movement deck’s grain gears are reproduced as closely as possible to the original, and the rubies are brightly colored.

  Many small watchmakers do not care about the back cover, but the APS factory is different, even if it is not usually see the movement back cover, still attentively polished, and ultimately to make the whole watch restoration to throw off the cheap small factory goods.

  Back cover engraving layout is not the slightest difference, font thickness, depth of the same standard authentic data, because of this to control the thickness of the watch head and the height of the authentic.

  APS factory 15710’s table is made of 316L steel, brushed and polished, very textured. The upper left of the head of the same wrapped in rubber ring, the head function is to adjust the internal shadow inside, the use of: clockwise screw out, counterclockwise adjustment, unidirectional adjustment, the head locking is also held down at the same time counterclockwise tightening, the operation technique is the same as the genuine.

  Like the rubber strap with movable head grain, the movable head grain is also better than the previous version of the range of motion, not too drastic, more in line with the original design. The size of the movable headband and the tape is the same as the original, and can be interchanged with the original version.

  The clasp has a pin-and-button design with AP branding lettering in the center, and it also has a frosted textured base.

  The back is frosted and the ACIER INOX engraving is consistent with the original.

  The font upgrade on the warm head of the clasp is consistent with the authentic effect.

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