c factory replica rolex greenwich type ii comparison picture

c factory replica rolex greenwich type ii comparison picture

Greenwich type II126720 left-handed version of the gmt is undoubtedly Rolex, its predecessor can be traced back to the Rolex mid-1950 6542 left-handed version, as well as the 1675 also has a left-handed version, but the number is very rare. But and the new Sprite circle is different, only Sprite circle, calendar window and handle have become 9 o’clock position, the other old calendar is still normal 3 o’clock position, just change the handle position, as for the beauty of the ugly, each flower into each eye.

The use of this is still Danton 3285 movement, stability Power storage naturally do not need to repeat.
Pictures of the mountain is not difficult to see, Sprite circle of the difficulty lies in the ceramic circle on the black and green splicing transition effect, as well as the green part of the chromatic aberration problem, because clean has the earliest development of the green ghost circle mouth experience, so then this time in the Sprite circle, naturally, is also a snap, the green part of the almost no chromatic aberration, the black and green articulation part, but also the effect of the real general percolating color.

Case strap and dial can be seen through the picture workmanship is also very good. clean for these details have this very strict control.

Highlights! Clean upgraded the small crown on the clasp of all models at the end of 2022, the bottom of the crown is polished, and the surface of the crown remains flat, which is a pioneering move in the whole industry, and the production process is quite complicated, and will be put on the comparative picture later. Clean has always been the ultimate pursuit of this kind of minutiae.

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