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Reference: m126618ln-0002
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Movement: automatic
Gender: Men

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Replica Rolex Submariner

There are many versions of imitations on the market, only the best, medium and cheapest are recommended. Product introduction (PRODUCT INFORMATION) imitation real pictures (REAL PICTURES) product real movie and detailed more real pictures welcome to consult customer service!







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Product Details

1. All 3135 movement movement polishing upgrade movement structure closer to the original
2. Outer ring rotation feel no longer jerky
3. Glass white edge correction
4. Calendar font correction, eliminating burrs, eliminating the calendar background color has inkjet signs
5. The beveling of the strap is more rounded.
6.The opening and closing strength of the clasp and the rack can reach the “electric suction door” spot, as smooth as silk.

The latest version of clean v4 green ring, killing the original v3 green ring.
Exclusive clean version of the blue ring / the same as the original consistent blue-violet color
Hand-polished three-dimensional pointer / no need to replace the substitute pointer.
Black and green/steel colored Aqua Ghost with AR steel bracelet.
Clean inter-gold steel bracelet/AR steel bracelet (exclusive 3-part spliced head grain + no steel leakage on the side)
clean top substitute green dial
clean self-developed blue dial
All 904L material (real 18k vacuum plating, free replacement for color loss)

Product Details

Rolex new Submariner appearance details consistent with the original genuine Citizen (or 2836) water ghost of the upside, on the occasion of this Submariner calendar type more star replacement, is committed to more into the perfect Citizen (or 2836) watch! This time the water ghost details in-depth extreme, multi-layer quality control, specific details such as:
1. The case and strap head grain after many times CNC processing, to shell and strap seamless articulation, plus 2.0mm pressure groove lug fittings absolutely do with the original genuine perfect interchangeable.
2. The surface of the factory: disk surface radial pattern spotlight effect synchronized with the original, disk surface logo, font assured comparable to the original, scale rounded corners of the polishing process is delicate and extreme; scale heavy gold filled with imported luminescent powder (presenting luminescence brighter and more durable), magnifying glass detection rounded full, luminescence under the scale of the purity is not adulterated with half a stain, welcome to compare the major factories or the original authentic products!
3. Sapphire mirror, the original genuine font calendar: correction Citizen (or 2836) original calendar position and font, three-letter calendar 2.5 times magnifier (magnifying glass crystal is also sapphire)
4. Three codes in one: the same original shipping accessories, that is, the watch within the shadow circle code, warranty card, hang tag three models, number consistent never repeated.
5. The original ring mouth: ceramic circle milky white night pearl super counter the latest ice blue luminescence, luminescence color and the latest counter luminescence original version of the same; ring mouth scale according to the top technology filling, color and fullness close to the original never lose color!
6. Movement guarantee: quality control screening movement, factory tuning test precision (to ensure that the original new machine production)!
7. Imported 316L steel case and steel belt, polished and polished craft exquisite, antioxidant bar wear.
8. Counter consistent tortoise back staircase slide buckle retractable free to adjust at will.

Product Details

Rolex Aqua Submariner automatic mechanical watch with 48 hours power reserve. Case thickness 12mm round, strap silver equipped with telescopic adjustable buckle, lug spacing 20mm, round time luminescence, 904L consumable steel date display. Waterproof depth of 300 meters, equipped with imported 8215 movement, accurate timekeeping zero return, sapphire glass. 3 o’clock crystal sapphire, the watch can not change the world, is because the opportunity is left to the people who wear it.