Original Genuine Longines Masterpiece on the right is an APS replica watch

On the left is the original Longines Masterpiece on the right is the APS replica, at first glance they look identical!

  APS factory using imported sapphire glass, the mirror effect is perfectly synchronized with the genuine, at the same time for the inside of the mirror, there is also a plated colorless film to increase the ability of the watch to read data.

  For a long time, the popular way to identify the authenticity of Longines was through the hands. The curvature of the willow leaf-shaped blued steel quenched hands and the chamfer polishing are extremely difficult to imitate, APS breaks through the limit and restores the charm of the genuine hands, restoring the streamlined hands and at the same time polishing the chamfers and the tips of the needles smoothly. Details determine success or failure, APS redefines the height of Longines replica.

  Many small watchmakers do not care about the back cover, but the APS factory is different, even if it is not usually see the movement back cover, still attentively polished, and ultimately to make the whole watch restoration to throw off the cheap small factory goods.

  The layout of the back cover engraving is not at all different, and the font thickness and depth are consistent. The depth of the overall bending of the back cover is also standardized authentic data, because of this to control the thickness of the watch head and the height of the authentic.

  The APS factory is not afraid of the high cost of operation, insisting on the development of exclusive movements, and this time the Longines Masterpiece series through the dismantling of the authentic movement data, successfully replicated both in terms of appearance and the overall structure of the movement, are infinitely close to the authentic L899 self-winding movement.

  Thickness is well controlled by APS, keeping the thickness in line with that of the genuine product. Side degree line is soft and beautiful, and the genuine product to maintain a high degree of consistency. Hands on wearing feeling both weight and texture are no difference with the genuine.

  Steel belt polished into, glossy bright, texture extraordinary, each grain of the belt grain size consistent, the overall very smooth, buckle opening and closing natural, sound crisp, feel excellent.L0G0 steel seal depth ratio is consistent, it is difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake.

  The Longines logo on the handle is finely crafted with no frizz or imperfections and the ring of teeth around it is perfectly synchronized with the original.

  Thanks to the 1:1 open mold replica watch lugs data are no difference with the authentic both general authentic accessories

  APS polished it with care. The rounded and regular chamfers on the back of the lugs and the depth of the lugs’ curved indentations are all the same.

  Stainless steel H chain strap, polished on both sides, brushed in the middle, APS factory fine work, a complete interpretation of the original elegant rules, very texture, can be interchanged with the genuine universal buckle cutting precision, polished and meticulous, above the clear engraving Longines classic logo!

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