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Reference: m126720vtnr-0002
Brand: Rolex
Series: GMT II
Movement: automatic
Gender: Men’s
Alias: Lefty Sprite Circle

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Replica Rolex GMT II

There are many versions of imitations on the market, only the best, medium and cheapest are recommended. Product introduction (PRODUCT INFORMATION) imitation real pictures (REAL PICTURES) product real movie and detailed more real pictures welcome to consult customer service!







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Product Details

Comparison of ceramic ring font details, 12 o’clock triangular part, the top corner, and the bottom corner part, the sharp corner position all do rounded corners processing. With the original to achieve consistency. Font part, depth is only one aspect, the original process, the font bottom all vertical 90 degrees in the font straight, to achieve this effect, can only mold one-piece molding, laser typing will appear beveled edges, as well as the bottom of the texture is rough, crumbling and a series of problems. The depth of the font is the same as the original, sinking 0.13mm, in addition to the font edges of the rounded corners polished. Plating color is also after digital debugging, most of the market, pure gold color, the real thing slightly with some red. Sense of view, will be much more comfortable.

Case appearance, all using 904L shell body, perfect restore gmt the whole shell shape, correct gmt turn circle feel. Crown handle part also shows, embossed crown effect bottom cover part, also consistent with the original, polished, brushed, and the bottom of the case brushed. The fit of the caseback to the case is almost identical. The gap between the handle and the case can be compared by yourself. The inner shadow is slightly raised with the tail of the letter “R” corrected throughout the series. If you really want to fault, that is the inner shadow part, the bottom line is not as delicate as the original, limited by the domestic laser technology and equipment.

This C factory launched is gmt 126710 because the first original open mold, has been completely damaged, so the temporary purchase of another one, the details will have a slight difference. But in the process of comparison, or will be compared in a graphic way, will not avoid the important, although the authentic version of the details will be different, but the overall process will not have too big a deviation, the future of each model, will be presented to the watch friends in this way of true and false comparison, there is a change, not to add encouragement. Because of version differences, but the calendar font will have differences, this hope to understand, c factory in addition to the ceramic ring mouth production in the line, in the dial font printing, as well as the calendar, is also a top priority. Because of the limitations of the number of pages, will not repeat.

Product Details

1, the movement 3186/3285 is a one-piece movement blue hairspring and the original version of the same by debugging the hour hand jumps quickly to adjust the function of the calendar instantaneous jump, and the original version of the same GMT dual time zone needle at the bottom of the hour hand above the second layer, from bottom to top of the order of: the hour hand – dual time zone needle – minutes – seconds.
2, pointer; upgraded electroplated white gold at any angle can be seen in its glossy sense using a special needle tip process to ensure consistency with the original luminescent powder selection of Swiss imports of blue-green luminescent filling perfect restoration of luminescent effect
3, dial; original molding three-dimensional printing plating white gold central axis sinking calendar sinking font size and color with the original completely consistent, including the corners of the strip ding polished 12 word crater polishing have achieved a high degree of consistency
4, the mouth of the ring; the soul of this watch is also the factory spends a lot of time and effort every firing is a progress the factory mouth of the ring molded in one piece of high-precision ceramic ring color difference must be reduced to a minimum dark blue and black circle / red and blue circle / black circle / ceramic are filled with white gold, the color is currently the closest original
5, calendar; the new version of the Rolex calendar using the new hook 4, the factory to learn from the market to avoid the many wrong version, the calendar font printing is quite clear and three-dimensional, magnified ten times still clear and three-dimensional No jaggedness
6, case strap; selection of 904 steel cast embryo, in the repeated hand polishing molding, 904 steel density, corrosion resistance, strong anti-scratch wear-resistant and other advantages. The overall perception shows a low-key and luxury sense!

Product Details

Movement: the first domestic independent pearl movement, GMT pointer support original synchronization can be monotonous function, factory movement testing, tuning, appearance details synchronized with the original genuine! The real inside and outside both cultivation
Font: As always, Roland’s high-quality surface, super original synchronous luminescent color, long-lasting, scale without any spot defects, continue to lead the market with the same level of font quality
Rings: thanks to the industry’s top technology manufacturers care, with the original colorless ceramic ring, and the ring scale fine and even, can be assured that comparable to the big manufacturers
Accessories: original consistent factory accessories, exclusive customized triple code, that is: watch number, identity card, bar code bar plate model, number consistent, and no duplication
Case: 316 stainless steel case scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, anti-reflective convex magnifying (2.5-digit) calendar window, magnification synchronized with the original, reading the time, reading the calendar clear and transparent