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Replica Rolex SUB New Submariner

(1) Movement: Equipped with a 3135 automatic mechanical movement for accurate timekeeping and a long movement time. Parts are finely polished for optimal performance. (2) Diameter: The replica has a 40MM diameter with a consistent thickness of 12.5MM, matching the original design. (3) Solid center shaft: The center shaft is polished with engraved lettering and features top Swiss ice blue luminous material, providing the same luminous effect as the original. (4) Case buckle: The replica uses a 904L stainless steel case and strap with an original insurance buckle. The buckle is sealed with a corrosion-resistant polished steel process. (5) Watch mirror: The mirror is made of polished double concave curve surface sapphire, cut using a pure water knife for precision. (6) Bezel: The bezel is a one-piece molding (not etched) with burnished platinum scale, ensuring uniformity and long-lasting color. (7) Luminescence: The replica features ice blue super bright luminescence, and the luminescent beads are placed on the mirror’s edge, which is made of double divination sapphire glass. The VR factory has created a true work of art. Enjoy your experience!

[From VR Factory Production] V7 Version Rolex SUB New Submariner 40MM Series 116610 Black/Green/Blue Ghost Series!
(1) replica movement: equipped with 3135 automatic mechanical movement, long movement time, accurate timekeeping, tight parts fine polishing.
(2) replica diameter: 40MM, with the original consistent thickness of 12.5MM!
(3) Replica solid center shaft: polished word ding, top Swiss ice blue luminous, to achieve the original luminous effect!
(4) replica case buckle: 904L stainless steel case with 904L stainless steel strap / original insurance buckle, buckle inside the polished corrosion process steel seal!
(5) replica watch mirror: mirror polished double concave curve surface sapphire mirror, pure water knife cutting!
(6) replica bezel: bezel one-piece molding (non-etched) burnished platinum scale color uniformity will never fade.
(7) replica luminescence: ice blue super bright luminescence, luminescent beads at the mouth of the mirror for the double divination sapphire glass.
VR factory work of art Welcome to your tasting!

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