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Replica Rolex Day Date

The latest version of the replica Rolex Day-Date model is now available at VR Factory Production. This 40mm watch showcases exquisite details, including an 18ct gold dial adorned with diamonds. At 6 and 9 o’clock, you will find square diamonds that add a touch of elegance. The Oyster case structure, featuring a one-piece middle case, screw-down caseback, and winding crown, ensures durability and functionality. With a synchronized thickness and diameter of 40mm and 12mm respectively, this watch boasts a refined and balanced design. Powered by the self-winding movement 3235, it offers quick-adjusting instantaneous date and precise timekeeping. Experience the craftsmanship of VR Factory and discover this remarkable timepiece.

【From VR Factory Production】 The highest version of the market replica rolex day date model 40MM with wonderful details:
(1) The dial features 18ct gold with diamonds, and square diamonds at 6 and 9 o’clock.
(2) Oyster case structure, one-piece middle case, screw-down caseback and winding crown.
(3) Structure size thickness synchronized original, diameter 40 mm, thickness 12 mm.
(4) Self-winding movement 3235, quick-adjusting instantaneous date, timekeeping, thickness and structure synchronized with the original.
VR factory work of art Welcome to your tasting!

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